Wednesday January 03, 2018
I would like to clarify my position for the 2018 season.

I can confirm I will be racing for Leicester in the Premiership and Sheffield in the Championship as I originally planned.

It’s fair to say I have had some personal issues to deal with which I have struggled to handle and it’s not for me to really go into the private details.

I would simply like to thank all my family, friends, sponsors and supporters for standing by me during this difficult time.

I have been back on a bike and I simply love riding Speedway. I would be foolish to throw all that away now.

I have good people around me who can support me and enable me to simply ride the bike and score as many points as possible for my teams.

I wish Speedway fans everywhere a very Happy New Year and look forward to a successful season, for Leicester, Sheffield and I hope British Speedway in general.

The hard work continues here and now as I build up to March.


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