Monday December 04, 2017
BRITISH bulldog Josh Bates is to stay with his local club Sheffield Tigers for the 2018 season.

And that means the Barnsley racer is now sorted with both Premiership and Championship clubs after his return to Leicester was also confirmed last week.

It promises to be an exciting year for Bates as Sheffield look to retain their league title against increasingly tough competition.

“It’s a big challenge for everyone, but I’m excited by it,” he said.

“Last season was amazing and it’s given me and everyone at Sheffield a taste for success.

“The Championship is looking really strong when you look around at the other teams, but we’re going to be strong too and we’ll take some beating.

“For me personally it’s nice to know I’m sorted in both the Championship and Premiership, doubling up again, I’m pleased about that.

“I’m working hard already to prepare for next season and I know it’s a big year for me.”

Josh welcomes any offer of sponsorship for the new season – email -email- and request a brochure explaining all the opportunities to get your message across.

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